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GNLD (Golden Products) has been developing life changing products for over 50 years, and are leaders in nutrition, beauty products and effective biodegradable cleaning. Isn't now a good time to takes steps towards a healthier lifestyle?

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A: Acidophilus PlusAll Natural FibreAloe Vera Gel - DiscontinuedAloe Vera Plus ( Carbonated )Appetite Reducer - discontinued
B: Balancing Toner 2 - DiscontinuedBetaGardBetaine Digestive AidBreakfast Pack
C: Cal-Mag (Chelated)Carotenoid ComplexComplete Synergy Cycle - DiscontinuedComplete Synergy Cycle 2 - discontinuedCruciferous Plus
E: Enriching Conditioner - DiscontinuedEnriching Moisturizer 1 - DiscontinuedEnzyme Digestive Aid
F: Feminine Herbal ComplexFibre Supplement - unavailableFlavonoid ComplexFoaming Gel Cleanser 2 - DiscontinuedFormula 1VFormula 1V PlusFull Motion
G: Garlic Allium ComplexGR2 Control 2 -Week Continuation Pack - discontinuedGR2 Control Starter Pack - discontinuedGreenGreen Dispenser Bottle
H: Herbal Rest & RelaxHRF ( Herbal Respiratory Formula)
L: LDC ( Light Duty Cleaner )LDC Mixing BottleLipo-Plus
M: Masculine Herbal ComplexMeal Replacement Protein Shake - discontinuedMild Revitalising Shampoo - DiscontinuedMoisturising Night Formula - DiscontinuedMulti-Min with Chelates
N: Neo CleanseNeoLife CapNeoLife Coffee MugNeoLife Drawstring BagNeoLife Green Travel MugNeoLife Sports CapNeoLife TowelNeoLife Zip Lock BagsNeoLifeShakeNouriShake - discontinuedNouriShake Spoons - DiscontinuedNourishing Collagen Cream - DiscontinuedNourishing Hand & Body Lotion - Discontinued
O: OLF ( Optimum Life Formula ) - discontinued
P: PhytoDefensePlastic Vitamin CasePlunger for GreenProtein Drink ShakerPro-Vitality+Purifying Facial Scrub - Discontinued
R: Refining Toner 1 - DiscontinuedRefreshing Bath & Shower Gel - DiscontinuedRefreshing Facial Cleanser 1- DiscontinuedRenewing Antioxidant Treatment - DiscontinuedRevitalising Moisturizer 2 - Discontinued
S: Salmon Oil - 500mg - DiscontinuedSalmon Oil PlusSuper 10Super 10 Spray Bottle
T: Thermogenic Enhancer - discontinuedTreTre-en-en
V: Vegetarian Protein Drink - discontinuedVita-GardVitamin A - 3,000mcgVitamin B - B Complex Threshold ControlVitamin C - Neo C Chewable - 230mgVitamin C - Threshold Control - 455mgVitamin E - Complex - 275 IUVita-Squares
Z: Zinc ( Chelated )